BLOG TOPIC: Pain Management

Understanding and Managing Pain

Photo of a woman with shoulder pain

Whether you’re young and athletic … older and arthritic … or somewhere in between, physical pain is a simple fact of life. And while there are as many different types of pain as there are people, it’s how you manage it that can really make a difference in your quality of life. Find out how pain works and what steps you can take to alleviate it.

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CBD Oil: Helpful or Hyped?

Photo of a bottle of oil with dropper

CBD oil is having a spotlight moment. In recent years, it’s been touted as a cure for everything from epilepsy and arthritis to Parkinson’s and Crohn’s Disease, but can it really do all that? In today’s blog, we explore the effectiveness of CBD oil on various medical conditions so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Try Massage Cupping

Photo of a massage cupping therapy session

Curious about cupping? You should be! As it turns out, suction is a modern-day medical superhero. Whether you’re looking for pain relief or just better overall health, this strange-looking therapy packs a powerful punch. Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely consider giving massage cupping a try.

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Video Tip: Scraping

Dr. Dahl performs instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization therapy, also known as “scraping,” on Mr. Romello Brown of The Duke City Gladiators. If you are interested in trying this therapy for your own tight muscles or sports injuries, give us a call at (505) 792-3311 
We would love to help you live #PainFreeAtApollo.

Video Tip: Neck and Shoulder Stretch

Is neck and shoulder pain making your job harder on you? Here are some exercises you can do right now to help! Dr. Eric Dahl shows you some corrective exercises you can do at home or even at work to start releasing tension in your neck and shoulders. It’s as easy as YMCA! Share with or tag a coworker whom you think needs to take a break to stretch! 

Video Tip: Psoas Syndrome

Psoas syndrome can cause a snapping sensation in the hip, low back pain, and can even cause your pelvis to tilt out of place. In this video tip with Dr. Eric Dahl, Duke City Gladiators player Darryl Stonum receives a treatment to release his psoas muscle. Psoas injuries can be common in athletes, but we’ve got you covered here at Apollo Chiropractic! If you have experienced any of these symptoms and want to try this treatment out for yourself, call us at (505) 792-3311 to set up an appointment.

Video Tip: Red Light Therapy

In today’s video, we have a demonstration of Red and Infrared Light Therapy performed on Dr. Dahl’s wife and business partner, Mrs. Emma Dahl. Give us a call at (505) 792-3311 for more information on this treatment and how it can help you!
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