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Sleep: The Ultimate Sports Injury Healer

Photo of a man sleeping comfortably

An old Irish proverb claims that “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” And thanks to researchers, we now have proof – at least about the sleep part. As it turns out, whether you’re suffering from a minor muscle injury, an open wound, or inflammation, sleep is the key to helping your body heal faster.

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No Gym? No Time? Why Metabolic Conditioning May Be Right for You

Photo of woman doing sit-ups

Unless you worked with a personal trainer in the past, you probably never heard of metabolic conditioning. But after the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily shut down all of the gyms and fitness centers across the U.S., metabolic conditioning went viral, with at-home MetCon workout videos across YouTube suddenly getting thousands of new views. So what is it and why is it so popular?

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Video Tip: Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Dahl discusses the importance of his role as a sports chiropractor for Albuquerque athletes. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a weekend warrior, sports injuries can happen quickly and cause a lot of pain. Why suffer? Contact our office to find out how Dr. Dahl can help alleviate pain and free up stiff, sore muscles with sports chiropractic care and other cutting-edge therapies.

Video Tip: Psoas Syndrome

Psoas syndrome can cause a snapping sensation in the hip, low back pain, and can even cause your pelvis to tilt out of place. In this video tip with Dr. Eric Dahl, Duke City Gladiators player Darryl Stonum receives a treatment to release his psoas muscle. Psoas injuries can be common in athletes, but we’ve got you covered here at Apollo Chiropractic! If you have experienced any of these symptoms and want to try this treatment out for yourself, call us at (505) 792-3311 to set up an appointment.