Dr. Dahl knows that every patient is an individual with unique needs. He never attempts to prescribe a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Dr. Dahl is certified and proficient in several physical medicine modalities, which he performs based on what he finds to be the root cause of the patient’s pain.

Manual Manipulation
Traditional chiropractic therapy where the physician manipulates spinal joints to remove subluxation (minor joint dislocation / malposition / dysfunction) that cause pain by impingement of nerves associated with the joint.

Low Force Manipulation
This procedure is often done with a mechanical tool (such as an “Activator”) to gently move a subluxated joint into proper position. This method is ideal for patients with bone softening disease, fibromyalgia, arthritic joints or anxiety associated with traditional manual treatment.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
This procedure is closely related to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Gua Sha. This procedure uses specialized stainless-steel tools which are rubbed over the skin with an appropriate lubricant, such as massage cream, to break-up adhesions in the underlying skin and muscle fascia, and reduce the size of collagen deposits in scar tissue.

Mechanical Massage
Moderate mechanical frequency vibration of skin and muscle provides pain relief, relaxation, and a sense of minor numbness over painful areas. This is used as a pre-treatment of areas to be adjusted, and provides the effect of more easily manipulating a joint.

Heat Therapy
Hot packs of canvas encased clay heated to approximately 160 degrees Fahrenheit are laid over areas of pain and tension with sufficient insulation for approximately 3 minutes with the patient feeling significant warming of skin and muscles with moist heat for relief of pain. This has the effect of creating laxity in the ligament. Not only does it feel good and reduce pain, but makes the manipulation adjustment easier.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Therapeutic ultrasound is a staple of any physical rehabilitation process. Ultrasonic sound waves of 1 to 3 million hertz (1 to 3 million cycles per second) are generated through a treatment applicator that is laid directly over skin and muscle with an intermediate water gel. This treatment has the effect of deep heating tissues and stimulating blood flow to areas where circulation may be poor, enhancing tissue repair by increased blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy
There are many forms of electrical stimulation therapies with two main goals for the treatment that are pain control and tissue healing. Depending upon the type of tissue injury, will dictate the type of electrical stimulation to occur.

Low Level Light Therapy / Infrared
Low level light therapy is gaining much traction as a physical medical practice. Apollo Chiropractic’s equipment uses a cluster of over 30 super luminous light emitting diodes (LEDs) in the treatment applicator. Laid directly over an area of inflammation and injury, the light stimulates the damaged cell tissue “mitochondria” to produce more energy products for the cell to use in its healing process.