Tuesday Tip: Sports Chiropractor

Tuesday Tip: Supplements

This week, Dr. Eric Dahl‘s Tuesday Tip is to utilize supplements, such as USANA Health Sciences Inc. Products, to support your natural health journey. Dr. Dahl wants to help you live a healthy and active lifestyle while taking less prescription medications. His focus is on alternative wellness therapies like chiropractic adjustments, medical massage therapy, proper nutrition and supplementation. 
Call us at 505-792-3311 today to schedule a wellness consultation with Dr. Dahl and learn about the different options you have for living your healthiest life. #PainFreeAtApollo#USANA#TuesdayTIp

Tuesday Tip: Limit Prescription Pills

Happy Tuesday everyone! For this week’s Tuesday Tip, Dr. Eric Dahl invites you to reach out to him for guidance with your health & wellness journey. His goal is to help his patients get away from taking so many prescription medications and to improve their health & wellness with proper nutrition, lifestyle changes and chiropractic maintenance. Call us at 505-792-3311 to set up a wellness exam and to talk about the other options you have for living your healthiest life.

Tuesday Tip: Scraping

This Tuesday’s Tip with Dr. Dahl shows him performing instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization therapy on Mr. Romello Brown of The Duke City Gladiators. If you are interested in trying this therapy for your own tight muscles or sports injuries give us a call at (505) 792-3311 
We would love to help you live #PainFreeAtApollo.

Tuesday Tip: Neck and Shoulder Stretch

Is neck and shoulder pain making your job harder on you? Here are some exercises you can do right now to help! Dr. Eric Dahl is back this week with his Tuesday Tips to show you some corrective exercises you can do at home or even at work to start releasing tension in your neck and shoulders. It’s as easy as YMCA! Share with or tag a coworkers you think needs to take a break to stretch! 

Tuesday Tip: Psoas Muscle

This week for our Tuesday Tip with Dr. Eric Dahl we have Duke City Gladiators player, Darryl Stonum, receiving a treatment to release his psoas muscle. Psoas syndrome can cause a snapping sensation in the hip, low back pain and can even cause your pelvis to tilt out of place. Psoas injuries can be common in athletes, but we’ve got you covered here at Apollo Chiropractic! If you have experienced any of these symptoms and want to try this treatment out for yourself call us at (505) 792-3311 to set up an appointment.

Tuesday Tip: Hydration

💧Hydration is key💧Join us for our next full Kangen Water Demonstration here at Apollo Chiropractic! Learn what this amazing machine can do for your health and wellness! Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on when we will host our next Kangen Water Demonstration. #PainFreeAtApollo

Tuesday Tip: Red light Therapy

This week on Tuesday Tips with Dr. Dahl we have a demonstration of Red and Infrared Light Therapy performed on Dr. Dahl’s wife and business partner, Mrs. Emma Dahl. Give us a call at (505) 792-3311 for more information on this treatment and how it can help you!
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Tuesday Tip: Veteran’s Programs

Tuesday Tip: Watch how to Access Community Care for Veterans Enrolled in VA Health Care. You may be eligible for community care (outside a VA Medical Facility) when VA cannot provide the care you need. To Find out if Community Care is available to you, 
1. Go to the VA and schedule an appointment with your VA Provider (doctor).
2. Make an Appointment — VA will work with you to find a community provider, such as Apollo Chiropractic. 
3. Receive Quality Care covered through the VA.

For more information about the steps to accessing community care, visit the VA Community Care website.